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MX4 Vacuum desktop

MX4 Vacuum desktop
MX4 Vacuum desktop
MX4 Vacuum desktop
MX4 Vacuum desktop
MX4 Vacuum desktop
MX4 Vacuum desktop
MX4 Vacuum desktop


MX4 Vacuum internal aspiration desktop

MX4 enhances new vacuum technology to an advanced level. You can Just choose the preparation you want from the touch screen and MX4  will make it in a pouch, jar or container in just a few minutes. You can also marinate meat in a few minutes with a vacuum cycle specially designed by a team of chefs. Even for coctails you can have prepared fresh fruits and alcohol content for perfect beverages. Bartenders will love it! Offer sophisticated cocktails! Prepare the drink bases by just touching the touch screen and serve them at the counter to the customers. This new vacuum technology becomes a bonus in the kitchen. Prepare your pouches and jars and make the most of them by cooking them at low temperatures. Ideal for infusions, marinades, cocktails and recipes in just a few moments. WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity: just touch the touch screen or your smartphone to program the perfect vacuum cycle for your preparations. Attractive design.

• My recipes
• 24 programmable recipes
• Food preservation divided among 7 categories
• 7 marinating levels
• 3 levels of infusion
• 6 levels of category for vacuum packing foods
• Back up with USB
• Smart icon
• Available in different languages
• Intuitive menu


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Vacuum Operation Internal suction
Implementation Desktop
Sealing length 450mm
Chamber 466x456x212mm
Vacuum supply 220-240V 50/60Hz (Standard) . 120V/ 60Hz (Special)
Vacuum power 1.1 A frontal sealing bar/ 2.0 A double sealing bar
Pump 16m³/h
Vacuum dimensions Open cover 544x658x762mm/ Closed cover 544x658x509mm
Vacuum weight 32kg
Vacuum additional features Chamber volum 15L. 5” highly durable lcd touch screen display, 8 GB microSD memory, USB port, Temperature probe port, Removable sealing bar, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth, True Vac sensor, H2O smart liquid sensor, Oil cleaning program, Frontal and 2 side sealing bars, inox antracite black color
Vacuum same line models MX2,MX3, MX4