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Meat Softner

Meat Softner Schnitzel machines operating manually, electric, with stainless steel knives, made of stainless steel, inox. They make the meat tender, without injuring it for easy and mass production of schnitzel. Ideal for Super market, restaurants, butcher shops, catering, ships, cruise boats, campus, camping, camps etc.

Meat Tenderizer-Schnitzel Machine Boston The Boston range of meat machines are heavy duty, gear drive manual machines. This Tenderiser is designed to tenderize meat or poultry, producing fine results from cheaper cuts of meat. The Strip Cutter is designed to strip cut meat and is available in 4..
Meat Tenderizer-Schnitzel Machine BS Robust and full stainless steel model, no sharp corner. Meets the hygiene and all safety regulations. Suitable for softening fresh, raw or cooked meat in slices. Simple and easy to operate, with safety relay on the lid and gear transmission. The components a..
Model: KT-PK-SNITSEL Brand: KT
Meat Tenderizer-Schnitzel Machine KT PKThe KT PK tenderiser is a simple tenderising machine for use with boneless meat. The meat tenderiser runs off a standard single phase electric supply and designed for commercial use. The meat tenderiser is made from in-oxydable steel and consists of 74 blades i..
Meat Tenderizer T-rexComplete stainless steel construction. Operates without tearing meat fibers or changing shape of the meat, delivering a tender eye appealing, easy cookable and chewable product. Sliding on sealed bearings. Comes with a removable bottom cutting board for easy cleaning and sanitat..
Model: 008.0300 Brand: TRE SPADE
Meat Tenderizer-Schnitzel Machine Tender 900K ProStainless steel motor cover machine with aluminum body and stainless steel knives. Two high resistance steel knives holder shaft. The tenderizing body can be completely disassembled to clean it quickly and thoroughly. Reduction unit with helical hot f..
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